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Crystal Gale

Digital Design, Strategy & Marketing Recruiter

St. Louis, MO / Nationwide Search

Recruiting since 2013


Having spent over a decade in the dynamic world of recruitment, I've become your ultimate ally in uncovering top talent across diverse roles and industries. My passion lies in connecting with individuals who are masters at crafting unforgettable digital experiences.

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, having the right talent onboard is not just important; it's essential. That's why I've chosen to focus on these roles—they're not just in demand, they're the driving force behind innovation, exceptional customer experiences, and successful business strategies across diverse industries.

My knack for adapting to different industries and client needs means I can seamlessly connect top talent with organizations aiming to excel in this digital age. Whether you're a candidate who's been dreaming of having that 'go to' person in your network to have looking out for the best opportunities to grow your career, while you're busy with work, home life, etc., or a client looking for a partnership to help bring the best talent to your organization, I'm your confidant. To boot, I bring a vibrant, warm, and outgoing personality to the table – let's collaborate!

Recruiting Specialties

UX/UI Design and Digital Experience:

    • UX/UI Designers/Architects
    • Design Thinking Strategists
    • UX Researchers
    • Accessibility Consultants
    • Design Directors

Digital Strategy and Project Management:

    • Digital Project Managers
    • Digital Strategists
    • Strategy Directors

Content Development and Marketing:

    • Content Strategists
    • Marketing Technology Strategists
    • Digital Marketing Managers
    • Marketing Strategy Leadership