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Recruiters in business FOR themselves, but not BY themselves.


Our product, named EmpowerCRM, is a custom-built, next-generation CRM, which increases productivity for experienced recruiting professionals with the most advanced automated contact search, data enrichment, messaging, and tracking available. We have custom built our entire solution to control and track all data from all sources to ensure the most powerful recruiting experience available. Our technical framework is Node, React, JSON, MySQL, Socket.io deployed to AWS.


Our team is based in Pakistan, but this is 100% remote position, reporting to our local Pakistani Director of Engineering, and working closely with both our Product & Development teams. You must be able to work from home using your own home office, computer and internet access.


The Senior Backend Developer will be responsible for development and maintenance of our enterprise CRM and Application Tracking System (ATS), which automate complete tradecraft of Recruiters. In collaboration with the Development Lead, you will:

  • Use Test Driven Development to:
    • Develop complex solutions for automation & integrations
    • Migrate mono-lithic architecture to micro-services architecture pattern by decoupling into six completely autonomous modules programmed with granularity for seamless scaling.
  • Add the ability to:
    • Source data for people, companies and job records from third-party data sources
    • Enrich data using data brokers, while maintaining data integrity all via indigenously developed algorithms
    • Run automated campaigns based on dynamic workflows
  • Program automations for third-party integrations for multiple social networking and data enrichment sites using tools like Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, etc.
  • Help migrate services to AWS cloud, integrating AWS services, including: API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS ECS, etc.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and add security layers in all tiers of our technology stack.
  • Implement web services using Web Sockets (upgrading from REST) using Socket.io as core communication channel between all clients and systems for two-way, real-time updates.
  • Enhance our workflow system, which allows users to design their own dynamic, outgoing communication patterns visually, allowing conditional, logic-based workflow to nodes, including: SMS, Email, social media messaging, and more.
  • Be responsible for DevOps using CI/CD via customized scripting and platforms, including: Jenkins, AWS Amplify, CircleCI & Netlify.
  • Reduce AWS RDS load by in-memory caching algorithms and event-driven programming.
  • Work closely with product visionaries and stakeholders, including CEO, CTO and Chief Data Architect to translate requirements into milestones aligned with expectations, business model and available resources.
  • Devise systems architecture using technology stack that enables robust, highly available and scalable software.
  • Act as Software Reliability Engineer by enabling systems to quickly recover from downtime opting failovers seamlessly.


  • Experience integrating services such as Twilio, Plivo, etc.
  • Integrating mail services Microsoft Graph SDK, Sparkpost/Sendgrid, Gmail.
  • Utilize cloud monitoring for actionable application insights.


  • Overlap at least 4 hours with U.S team from roughly 8am – 12pm (PST).
  • Be highly available for instant message and calls.


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